The following is a list of services I provide to all of my "Out of Town Owners".  

Direct contact number: 661-965-9263.


  1. I will arrange a free fifteen minute phone consultation with my CPA in regards to Internal Revenue Code IRC-1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.
  2. Free digital photographs of the subject property E-mailed to the owner once a year.
  3. free list of property management and service vendors I have used or come highly recommended. The list includes, choice of: roofer, painter, electrician, legal service management company, gardener, handyman, lender, home warranty professional, property inspector, title insurance representative. This list includes names, addresses, phone numbers and the reason I recommend them.
  4. A free rental comparison analysis, provided on a limited basis because this analysis will take my team and me over three hours to prepare.
  5. Introduction to my team. My personal team members consist of a lender, title representative, insurance broker, office manager, transaction coordinator, home warranty, home inspection accountant, attorney, geographical hazard inspection, plus many other professionals. My lender is well versed in non-owner occupied financing. He can provide refinance viability studies for increasing cash flow to free up equity for other investments or personal needs. He also provides free amortization schedules and adjustable rate loan analysis on existing loans to make sure the adjustments of other lenders have been made correctly.
  6. A free phone value analysis within twenty-four hours of request. I have a few questions regarding your investment and objectives expecting to accomplish. You may contact me directly by phone(text) and/or email.
  7. A free list of properties that fit your investment parameters within anyone of the Zones.
  8. Free IRC-1031 Tax Deferred Exchange up leg analysis. If you are considering selling a property, I provide an analysis of what is available as a potential up-leg purchase. These up-leg requirements are to increase your depreciable base, cash flow, appreciation potential and ease of management.